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eaton ups chr error We are friends, congenial, loving and you know – it’s healing. We have just got out 3 of them, all APC 1500 SMART UPS and they are all showing "Warning State: Connect Battery". No stitching required. 31. 5 Build 0409T Jim DeLaHunt 2010. This series is the next generation of professional-grade UPS systems for corporate applications and has line-interactive topology, surge protection, and battery backup. At any time during the test or after the test is performed, click the Results button to update the result field. At Chromalox, we engineer advanced thermal solutions that empower our customer’s transition towards sustainability. Customize your Eaton eNews now - so you will receive email communications regarding the specific news . To make it as easy as possible for you to plan and design an xEnergy system, we offer you the proven xEnergy Configurator as a free planning tool. Eaton, Ford, Navistar, Volvo GM 393-0212 47685 or 47686 47678 or 5760 551-5416 551-5416 570-0023 570-0022 38,000#, 46,000# Tandem Axles: Eaton, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, Western Star, Peterbilt, Meritor, Navistar, Volvo GM 393-0173 594 or 594A 598 or 598A 551-5320 551-5320 570-0028 570-0027 855. 408604. Nettie Eaton has spent 40 and a half years now in education, while Reverend Kammy Young has been an Episcopal priest for 30 years. The CP1000AVRLCD uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to correct minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power . Disconnected the isolator plug on the back before they were packed away. According to the latest release of the UPS developer kit documentation "Tracking Web Services Developers Guide - January 04, 2016" the tracking API can be accessed via REST / JSON. 2. The core items you need in order to be protected in the event of power failure are a UPS and a battery to supply the power, under standard operation this . Automation, Control & Visualization. Calculate Time and Cost. If you find your Eaton breaker flashing red after you reset it from a previous trip it is easy to diagnose the underlying issue by counting the number of flashes. We have a mixture of APC SMART UPS that have been in storage for about 1-2 years. View Map of 445 West Eaton Avenue,Tracy,CA,95376 (209) 951-9884 (209) 951-7873 fax From luggage sets to crossbody bags and fine jewelry, you’ll find what you’re shopping for (and so much more!) on belk. Thanks to Frederick Eaton. Click the System Test or Battery Test tab. In Communication Settings, if you have typed incorrect serial or network settings such as a custom serial port name or network IP address, you will receive this message when you attempt to detect the UPS. Field contains an invalid value for this Qualifier. We are unable to perform your request at this time. 0. Manage your appointments. Using a Chrome device at work or school: Your network administrator can set up the pop-up blocker for you. 3. To perform a UPS diagnostic test. Xtreme Power UPS systems allow for 30% in savings over comparable products from APC, Emerson, Liebert, or Eaton. Open your browser and enter the IP address of the APC UPS. For Customers. That's why our Customer Solutions team first analyzes your . 7 years old. Hi George, sorry you're having difficulties with the 5E and the UPS Companion Software. On the login screen, use the default username and default password. May 29, 2021 at 11:18 am ET 1 min read. A graphical LCD interface provides full UPS status, energy consumption analytics . Problems with pop-ups. 621 variant has accounted for about 10 per cent of coronavirus patients, trailing behind Delta, the now dominant variant in the United States. Ensure the serial or network information is correct and that the UPS is connected and try again. : 1800 425 5758 Single Phase Products up to 6kVA Our Help Desk is available to answer your questions on Single-Phase UPSs (through 6kVA) and software products purchased for use with your UPS. 00 £660. The load attached to the UPS will drop. Wyoming, early 1900s. Go into Configuration Options and uncheck the Data collection options and save the selection. Network UPS Tools - Generic HID driver 0. 1 scrap UPS - but it needs to be a WORKING UPS! 4 feet of #10 copper wire (2 feet of red and 2 feet of black if you can) You may need to adjust this length, but keep it as short as you can tolerate. SMT1500C and loss of USB connection . Create a seamless customer experience. Plug the UPS into a two-pole, three-wire, grounded receptacle only. Line-Interactive UPS systems provide both battery backup and automatic voltage regulation of AC power (boost/cut) to give a greater amount of power protection than a Stand-By UPS. Get Started with UPS. International: 1-866-782-7892. We also have the matching PPDM (P/N 103003214-XXX, not sure about exact model); plus an EBM: Model PW9124 240 EBM BLK. Explore the 500X, 124 Spider, and 124 Spider Abarth and build yours today. What is it? The B. Uninterruptible Power Supply. Then, read other options for finding and removing malware from your computer . Quick Start. Eaton is a power quality industry-leader offering uninterruptible power systems and DC power systems for reliable backup power in addition to power management and network monitoring software with remote monitoring options to provide the best UPS power protection solution Download - Eaton UPS Companion. c o m Leaders in battery-free flywheel UPS systems. Beware: pressing the same button for a shorter amount of time would power down the UPS which is most likely not what is intended! – For APC UPS monitoring, here are some of the OIDs (Object Identifiers) you'll want to use. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 27 Questions View all. Engineering a Sustainable Tomorrow. Stuff the Bus event brings in school supplies for children in need. The NMC can be installed in: • Any Smart-UPS® device that has an internal expansion slot, or any Symmetra® UPS except the Symmetra PX 250 or Symmetra PX 500 UPS • MEG ® Galaxy® 300, 3500, or 7000 • Expansion Chassis (AP9600) Issue Popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Office 365, and Hotmail/Outlook. Amazing Prices. Log in / Sign up. 80 £644. Eaton UPS Companion provides safe system shutdown for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), small business and residential users looking for an easy way to enhance the protection capabilities of their Eaton UPS. Access your test results. Windows-based dialogue guidance. 228 except one Windows 7. Learn how to calculate backup power capacity, best practices, and connect with vendor experts from APC, CyberPower, Eaton, TrippLite and more. We’re 500-600 people here today, mingling. Eaton Breaker Flashing Red. Smart-UPS Modular 1500/3000 VA 120/230 Vac Rack-Mount 2U 7 Start the UPS Note: The UPS will automatically turn on when utility power is connected. Controlling machines and visualizing information: scalable automation und safety solutions for machines and systems from low to high complexity. 1. Illustrated Parts List - Eaton TRIP-0023 (11109) Eaton TRIP-0025 (13109) Eaton TRIP-0022 (14109) Eaton TRIP-0026 (16109) For more information call 1-800-826-HELP (826-4357). It’s ideal for keeping servers, switches, voice and data networks and storage systems online, supporting your overall goal of business continuity. Active Power designs and manufactures battery-free flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and energy storage products for mission-critical power applications worldwide from its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Austin TX. Whether it's making processes faster for your team or giving online shoppers the info they need to make . Add to Cart. Go. Schedule your next appointment, or view details of your past and upcoming appointments. Eaton UPS Companion allows easy shutdown parameters configuration and user friendly access to UPS settings. Forgot your username or password? Support | Subscribe to our newsletter | Subscribe to our newsletter All APC Back-UPS UPS utilizing USB communications. April 17, 2016: VMware NUT client 2. On APC UPS products this indicator is typically on the rear panel. Encoding MaxiCode Symbols for UPS. Easy access to UPS status and events. On the Diagnostics menu, click Test Hardware. The first Synology product, which connects to the UPS via USB, acts as a Network UPS Server and relays UPS information to the other "client" Synology product in its local network. By RotoWire Staff. UPS Developer Kit APIs. Provide the origin, destination, and weight of your shipment to compare service details then sort your results by time or cost to find the most cost-effective shipping service. 4 released May 13, 2015: Beta NUT 2. 5. The UPS device can be connected to the computer using the USB cable 5 supplied. Matthew, After speaking with our tech support, it appears the UPS may be detecting a site wiring fault, where there may be an inconsistent or troubled neutral to ground connection, or another wiring issue. Here is a screenshot with all these devices: MGE UPS Systems, manufactured by Schneider Electric, offer 3 Phase UPS power protection, solving today’s energy challenges while setting the standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, data centers, mission-critical systems, and industrial/manufacturing processes. For our server rack we have an Eaton Powerware rackmount UPS, model PW9125-6000g BLK (6000 VA). A thoughtful approach to your enterprise. U. If so, you can't change this setting yourself. 4 for ESXi 5. If the Load is not at least 30% or if the calibration is ended before the UPS drops the load, the calibration will not work. February 8, 2017: new projects 42ITy™ and Eaton Intelligent Power Controller. Uninterruptible power supply for critical processes When the power fails in industrial plants, companies, or data centers, the SITOP DC UPS saves the day by saving technology, files, and data. "ups. It’s also built on an acclaimed Nobel-Prize-winning algorithm, so we can succeed in getting you out on promising dates, not keeping you on the app. Also a few matching PDUs. APC Eaton Fuller Transmission Troubleshooting Guide. Contact us to find out how we can help you decarbonize your industrial heating processes now. 12 Detected EATON - Ellipse MAX 1100 [ADKK22008] If the driver does not start cleanly, make sure you have picked the right one for your hardware. Field contains a duplicate Qualifier value. After a train robbery goes wrong they find themselves on the run with a posse hard on their heels. Eaton will miss a third consecutive game due to . How to Wire a apc smart ups rt 6000va from split phase power (usa) Datacenter Forum. realpower": displayed as "UPS Power" - effective power in watts of the UPS load "input. Power Distribution. Circuit Protection & Distribution Boards Industrial Control & Automation Industrial PC's, HMI's & PLC's Medium- & Low Voltage Switchgear Power Quality. About UPS; Media Relations Open the link in a new window; Investor Relations Open the link in a new window; Careers Open the link in a new window; Sustainability & Community Involvement Open the link in a new window About the Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Group. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) Error: please try again. Please select your country: Afghanistan Albania Algeria America - USA American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antigua Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Botswana Brazil British Virgin . This is currently only supported on X11 devices. First, we need to access the APC UPS web interface. These are all approx. The software is available on the CD-ROM 5 or Eaton UPS Companion software is downloadable from powerquality. x and 6. The name in the brackets can be anything you like to identify the ups. Employment Development Department. On the Web interface, access the Configuration . After a successful login, you will be sent to the APC UPS Dashboard. If you connect the UPS via a serial cable you need to configure it different. Hello. Battery chargers; SOLIDSTATE CONTROLS. + Eaton UPS Companion main features : Safe system shutdown. However, there is very little information within their PDF documentation about the JSON side of things both in the PDF and on the interwebs. Our business philosophy is built on the core belief of providing . Guide to servicing and repairing Eaton Fuller heavy-duty truck transmission, assistance locating the issue of . Riello UPS Sentinel Dual 2. 2KVA Extra Runtime SDH (SDH 2200 ER) PADS APPROVED. c o m | s u p p o r t . The groups \(\mathbb Z\) and \({\mathbb Z}_n\text{,}\) which are among the most familiar and easily understood groups, are both examples of what are called cyclic groups. 9129. Attach a non-critical load to the UPS and then force the UPS on battery by disconnecting it from utility power; Allow the unit to run on battery until it turns off completely. Structuring MaxiCode barcode symbols for UPS shipping labels is a complex task. Stand-By UPS systems provides basic battery backup and surge protection. One of these units sorted themselves out after leaving it overnight. If you’ve reached this page in error, . conf . Basketball brings people together like nothing else. Help Each Other. 0092. After Sales Support. # /etc/nut/ups. 00. Missing or invalid 'Deliver To' address or Country. 4 spade lugs (two mating pair. Thanks For Support and Watching Video. They also have amazing support to help people who are new to running the program. Please go to Control Panel > Hardware . 9130. Increase your efficiency and enhance customer experience with comprehensive business solutions, customized for you by a UPS Problem Solver. These OIDs definitely work with the APC AP9617 management card which plugs in the back of APC devices. Available in standby, line-interactive, online single-phase, online three-phase and isolated online topologies. Master and EcoControl outlets operating procedure In order to limit energy consumption of peripherals (scanner, printer) in standby mode, the Eaton 5S is equipped with EcoControl outlets that are dependent on the Master Controller to UPS communication errors can result from: The UPS communication cable being disconnected; The wrong type of communication cable being used to connect a UPS (Serial COM cables can differ greatly) The wrong UPS being selected at install or at run time; Advanced Communication Settings being set incorrectly; Top ^ May 5, 2020 at 10:01 AM. If I recall correctly I've tried calling the US base Eaton in the past but was told they didn't support my UPS. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid are the leaders of a band of outlaws. Eaton UPS Companion also provides data on energy usage and energy cost for a better understanding of the power expense required for the protected equipment. Stop toggling between systems--have your programmers incorporate our functionality and see how we can help boost both your productivity and your sales. Safety Logic HMI/PLC with touch display Industrial PCs Modular I/O Systems Modular and Compact PLCs Control Relays Automation Software Relays . Control and Automation. Do not have permission to access \\SSJP-SERVER) when using File Explorer. 1) USB communication driver 0. A support and help forum for IT pros working with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices. 4. Their solution - escape to Bolivia. UPS Type Stand-By UPS. No more waiting for a phone call or letter – view your results and your doctor's comments within days. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information in this manual. APC UPS Systems from 350VA to 140kVA. 04 419P successfully detects APC Back-UPS ES 450 unit. The art of tuning a PID loop is to have it adjust its output (OP) to move the process variable (PV) as quickly as possible to the set point ( responsive ), minimize overshoot, and then hold the variable steady at the set point without excessive OP changes ( stable ). For over 120 years FIAT® has been an iconic Italian auto manufacturer. Church has 10 CPU’s P2P network with all computers W10 1803 17134. EATON 9130 HV 3000VA - UPS nie startuje z baterii A UPS bypass switch is a non-essential addition to an uninterruptible power supply system that, while not integral to UPS operation, is definitely useful in the event of maintenance or repair. Yahoo. Contact: 1-888-742-5877. 318. Transfer If the UPS is in fault mode, and the fault cause has disappeared, press >2s, the buzzer will beep, fault will be cleared and UPS will turn to standby mode. Then, read other options for finding and removing malware from your computer. Eaton UPS Companion software is downloadable from powerquality. –Input Plugs: • 1500 VA models: 120 V = NEMA 5-15P; 230 V = Use country specific 10 A with C14 input cords (not supplied). UPS Network Management Card 2 User’s Guide 2 Devices in which you can install the Network Management Card 2. The NMC can be installed in: • Any Smart-UPS® device that has an internal expansion slot, or any Symmetra® UPS except the Symmetra PX 250 or Symmetra PX 500 UPS • MEG ® Galaxy® 300, 3500, or 7000 • Expansion Chassis (AP9600) Technical Support Help Desk Service 365 x 7 x 24 Toll-free hotline no. For more information about structuring messages to meet UPS specifications, contact the local UPS office and ask for their Guide to Labeling. Any UPS model on our compatibility list can be used to extend UPS service to a second Synology product using Network UPS Server. SOLVED: Ups not charging the battery - UPS - iFixit. com (see figure C). All 120v APC Back-UPS and SurgeArrest products Environment: All Back-UPS and SurgeArrest products equipped with a Site or Building Wiring Fault indicator Cause: The Site Wiring Fault (SWF) LED light is only present on 120V UPS and Surge products. Click Test. However, Eaton Transmission Division makes no expressed or implied warranty or . Better Customer Service. After resetting the breaker the LED will flash a set number of times and pause for a second. conf [eaton] driver = usbhid-ups port = auto. With these features and more, the Eaton 9PX UPS integrates seamlessly into just about any IT environment. Configuration of UPS parameters. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) An uninterruptible power supply, also uninterruptible power source, UPS or battery/flywheel backup, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails. Send a refill request for any of your refillable medications. Riello UPS Sentinel Dual 3KVA Extra Runtime SDH (SDH 3000 ER) PADS APPROVED. You might need to try other drivers by changing the driver= value in ups. Using a Chrome device at work or school : Your network administrator can set up the pop-up blocker for you. 6. Still seeing unwanted pop-ups: Try running the Chrome Clean-Up tool (Windows only). I used eaton as the name related to the manufacturer. The diagnostic test is run. This is a 208V unit with an L6-30 plug. The education services company recommends a total of 654 colleges and universities across five regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West and International. Like in this example, we show it kicked on on Halloween at 9:30 PM due to a blackout. Eaton UPS Companion. Product Line: Aeroquip Aeroquip Performance Airflex Automatic Self Cleaning Filtration Bag and Cartridge Filtration Char-Lynn Depth Filtration DuraForce Eaton Everflex Fabricated Pipeline Strainers Gas Liquid Separators Hansen and Gromelle Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filtration Hydraulics Hydre-MAC Hydro-Line Hydrokraft Industrial Machine . The Best 200 Movies of the 60's. Cause: If communication between the PC and the USB compatible Back-UPS, is not working properly when the cable is first connected, an ""Unknown Device"" is detected. Yet to receive a Greek-letter designation ». eaton pop metered pedestal ringless Distributed by Kempston Controls Kempston Controls is a UK electrical and electronic components distributor, providing fuses, sensors, control components, industrial automation equipment and more. As an authorised partner for global manufacturers including, APC, Schneider, Riello, Eaton, Socomec and Vertiv, we have direct access to genuine UPS parts and are recognised for our exceptional UPS maintenance, battery backup service and emergency power project solutions. After Sales Services for applications and components – Industrial Control, Automation, Circuit Protection, Power Distribution + Expand List. Vertiv™ supports you in improving your uptime with a full range of innovative Liebert® uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and future-proof, integrated UPS systems, that will cover the backup power needs of your IT infrastructure, from small computer rooms at the network edge to enterprise and hyperscale data centers. Quickly get estimated shipping quotes for our global package delivery services. 0. Upward has all the resources necessary to organize a league. Shop designer handbags from many brands including Brahmin and Michael Kors, skincare and makeup from your favorites like Estée Lauder and Clinique or men’s suits and sport coats from stylish brands like Tommy Hilfiger. Your business needs more than a one-size-fits-all approach to logistics, technology, and sustainability. April 28, 2016: new project ntUPSd - Network UPS Tools Services for Windows. Eaton (hamstring) isn't starting Game 1 of Saturday's doubleheader against the Orioles. UPS Type . £792. com are not working with an APC Network Management Card-enabled device or need to be set up for the first time; local mail server is not available to relay mail to an external service Eaton FERRUPS FE/QFE UPS (500 VA–18 kVA) User's Guide S 164201404 Rev C 97 OPTIONS 98 Eaton FERRUPS FE/QFE UPS (500 VA–18 kVA) User's Guide S 164201404 Rev C Chapter 7 Maintenance NOTE Technicians must observe important safety precautions while performing these checks. Customize your Eaton eNews now - so you will receive email communications regarding the specific news and information you are interested in. UPS and Rack PDU . Largest gang investigation in Georgia leads to 77 indictments. UPS and Battery Services. 5-6 package for Windows released. General UPS Monitoring Info. On test of power cut (unplugging UPS), the TS-419P shuts down as directed by the Administration interface. Players at Nike Peach Jam test positive for COVID-19. United States - English. Thanks to Frederick Eaton (for reviving an earlier patch). eaton. Busine Tutorial APC UPS - Configure email notifications. Inverters, UPS systems, battery management systems; ABOUT US. Brand Representative for Eaton. Function key Battery test in line mode, Press the button >5s To perform a UPS diagnostic test. £772. Track. 8. Minuteman’s battery backup (UPS) product line includes a complete range of systems to meet needs large and small, with single-phase solutions in capacities from 350VA – 20kVA LEARN MORE ». Preference Center. Hinge is built on the belief that anyone looking for love should be able to find it. xEnergy Configurator. Eaton Fuller/ Autoshift/ Smartshift/ Autoselect Transmission Fault Codes & Eaton RTAO-1X710-AS / RTAO-1X710-AC / RTLO-1X918-AS As my UPS is connected via usb the port configuration can be set to auto. . Functional, self-evident structure. Register for the warranty on powerquality. 1. TS-419P estimates 1h:14m battery life on UPS normally, but on power cut this estimate drops to about 34m. Eaton Fuller/ Autoshift/ Smartshift/ Autoselect Transmission Fault Codes & Eaton RTAO-1X710-AS / RTAO-1X710-AC / RTLO-1X918-AS Efficient. No problems before 1803. AMETEK Powervar’s transformer-based power conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies provide complete power quality solutions to the medical, industrial, and retail technologies markets. 4. Still seeing unwanted pop-ups: Try running the Chrome Cleanup Tool (Windows only). Field contains invalid value for From/To country pair. d e l l . #eatonfaultcode #savewater. Battery Information Transformer-based power conditioners and UPS systems; PRESTOLITE POWER. Another variant has reached Florida. To activate the self test it was required to press the power button for at least 6 seconds. The Augusta Chronicle: Local News, Politics & Sports in Augusta, GA. Select Another Country or Territory. 9127. For customer service inquires or general questions about UPS, please visit our Help and Support Center. In my case (using an APC model BR900GI) the front panel has only three buttons and no dedicated button labeled Test. AMETEK Powervar is a leading global provider of advanced power quality solutions. Line-Interactive UPS systems. Network Error, (Windows cannot access \\SSJP-SERVER. Environment: All APC Back-UPS UPS utilizing USB communications. Posted by: Super7800 yesterday. I agree to be informed regularly about Eaton products, promotions and news. Request prescription refills. Abilene Christian University is listed in the “Best in the West” section of The Princeton Review’s 2022 Best Colleges: Region by Region website resource, launched on Aug. 34 (2. Download - Eaton UPS Companion. Active Power is a member of the Piller Power Systems group. . Easy to handle when selecting xEnergy components. Secure Power offers one of the largest UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution portfolios in the country. 2 ring lugs for single battery or 4 if you have two in the UPS. Master and EcoControl outlets operating procedure If the UPS is in line, battery, HE or battery test mode, press >3s, the buzzer will beep, then the UPS will be turned off. 9128. The Test Hardware dialog box appears. Eaton UPS 9SX 1kVA. In this Video I have shown fault Codes of Eaton 9145 Model UPS. The teacher and the preacher combined their talents to start the . PowerChute allows you to check past performance of the UPS. <p>A mini-tower UPS with line interactive topology, the CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP1000AVRLCD provides battery backup (using simulated sine wave output) and surge protection for desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment systems. S. This problem may be the result of a weak USB receiver on the PC side. April 16, 2015: NUT 2. APC BACK-UPS ES 450VA 120V USB TS-419P 3. String containing UPS model, eg: Smart-UPS 1000. Tracking Numbers. Energy use and energy cost reporting. CyberPower has launched a customer-inspired Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) series, the New Smart App Sinewave UPS systems. 7. I'm not sure how you got your hands on a 5E, but we don't offer/support them in the US. com. + Expand List. There is a new argument onIdle for getGraphicsEvent(), which allows an R function to be run whenever there are no pending graphics events. 31 Using subdriver: MGE HID 1. 889. In these extraordinary times, Chromalox is committed to the health and well-being of our teams . Chapter 4 Cyclic Groups. The FERRUPS UPS is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. Vertiv supports you in improving your uptime with a full range of innovative Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and future-proof, integrated UPS systems, that will cover the backup power needs of your IT infrastructure, from small computer rooms at the network edge to enterprise and hyperscale data centers. The information and code provided here are only examples. Earlier we mentioned that you can turn off Data Collection is you want to. frequency": displayed as device "UPS DC Frequency" - the frequency of the DC mains input; Only the "UPS Status" device is always created by the plugin, others are created if the specific UPS reports the variable. Thanks to super-powerful battery modules, it maintains the 24 V supply to critical processes for up to a period of hours. March 9, 2016: NUT 2. All. Man shot at North Augusta apartment day after brother shot in Aiken. Missing or invalid 'Pickup From' address or Country. 3 released Dell Tower UPS 500W, 1000W, and 1920/1500W User's Guide H900N, J715N, K788N, H914N, J716N, K789N K806N, H965N w w w . eaton ups chr error

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